Eco Entertainment

Ecology & Entertainment

With innovative projects, we are redefining the relationship between ecology and entertainment, taking into consideration the environmental, social, and financial impact of parks, demonstrating that the interaction between people and nature species can be sustainable.

BioParque do Rio

BioParque Rio de Janeiro

The former Rio de Janeiro zoo underwent a restructuring in 2019, shaping a new concept of preservation and sustainable visits, now called BioParque do Rio.

The idea was to maximize the adaptation of fauna to an environment conducive to animal well-being, while also allowing a safe and interesting visitor experience.

Terra dos Dinos

The world's largest dinosaur park is located in Miguel Pereira, Rio de Janeiro.

Terra dos Dinos was designed to blend ecology with the fantasy of walking among life-sized dinosaurs. It has become a great success and economically profitable for investors.

Green Nation

Green Nation is a festival of environmental practices with the goal of sustainable development. It uses entertainment to make society more aware of everyone's responsibility in the planetary climate.

Its new theme focuses on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Amazônia Live

The socio-environmental project proposed the recovery of nearly 30 thousand hectares of degraded areas in the Brazilian Amazon, equivalent to an estimated 73 million trees.

Marco das Três Fronteiras

The Three Borders Landmark is a "three-in-one" tourist spot that allows visitors to contemplate the border landscapes of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Located in Foz do Iguaçu, the site features a scenic village depicting the Jesuit missions of the time.

Parque das Aves Botucatú

The Eco Parque das Aves Botucatu is a major venture focused on the conservation of local fauna and flora. Located in Botucatu, São Paulo, the park houses various species in an environment specially prepared for them.